stairwell, read well.

As a frequent gym-goer, I find myself staring at those sweaty souls who brave the stair master in admiration, respect, and in sheer bewilderment. I for one have no tolerance for mindless climbing, especially when a machine is setting my pace.

Although I absolutely hate the burning sensations stairs have on my legs, I pleasantly enjoy the thrilling sensation they have on my eyes. Somewhere along the course of my life I became a sucker for irony –  my love of staircases and hatred towards stairs is just a day in the life around here. Typical.

Guaranteed if the stairs at the gym were this interesting, my buns and thighs would be unstoppable.

Couple  a fun-loving stairwell with some heavily stacked book shelves, and you may literally steal my heart.

Anyone know where I can order this last shelving unit?

Images courtesy of:, and woohome

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