Swelling Sound

Last night I found myself in one of those funks – you know, the ones that cause your eyebrows to furrow, your lips to purse and pout, and make you feel on the verge of tears at any given second, for no given reason. Nothing was strong enough to pull me out– not a shopping trip, a Beatles film, or even chocolate pudding — I was slummin it, hard.

Waking up with some seriously sexy puffy eyes and one of those behind-the-eye headaches, I realized that my funk had followed me through a rem cycle. After a solid six hours of light-sensitivity squinting, and shooting scowls at strangers, I realized I needed to lose my tude and pull myself together.

For years I’ve let music dictate my mood. It takes me high, drops me low, ignites a sense of energy within me, and provides the soundtrack to even the most dramatic heartbreaks. I like to think of my relationship with music as a symbiosis of the parasitic nature. It needs me, I need it. This playlist, in particular, flooded the funk right out of my body and sent richly layered melodies, sultry syncopations, and immense walls of sound through my veins.

give it a listen, won’t you? Download Swelling Sound here.

Image courtesy of the things she loves

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