here’s to a few firsts

This weekend, I should have been a disastrous sight. I should have been a greasy-headed mess, clad in too much Cal Poly gear, jittering from a liquid caffeine diet, and peering out of a fourth story library window — praying with all my might that Finals Week comes and leaves quickly.

Instead, I celebrated my upcoming finals week schedule of two disturbingly simple finals both occurring next Friday by engaging in a series of firsts this weekend. Namely, baking some titillatingly tasty ( yes, I just found a way to advertise my keen sense of alliteration with the verb titillate) peanut-pecan biscotti, sitting VIP at a Cal Poly baseball game, and not crying – I repeat – NOT crying during Pride and Prejudice.

If my weekend were a final exam, I objectively, unbiasedly award myself an A… and will be taking myself out shopping to celebrate asap.

In summation, I present in picture form how I studied for my final exams:

Try this heavenly recipe!

… feeling exceptionally American via a little game called baseball

and finally, the ever quintessential Jane Austin masterpiece ( and every gushing sap’s dream come true….)

…. Mrs…. Darcy, was it?

Images courtesy of Joy the Baker and life photo archive

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