home home?

Isn’t it funny that whenever we have a shred of doubt  in answering a question, we have a tendency to repeat the word twice in order to clear things up? for example:

Q:–when are you going home? (ambiguous… san luis obispo home, or danville home?)

A:–home home?


Q:–what time will you be done with your work? (ambiguous…  job work, school work, or just-for-fun work?)

A:–which work… work work?

Really though, now you’ll notice it everywhere, and you’ll realize that there is really no reason that repeating a word should offer any insight or enlightenment. But somehow this little echo usually renders the desired clarification — how very, very strange. strange.

All this talk of echos makes me want to leave my work work and go out and explore some caves.

Southern France for spring break, anyone?

Images courtesy of: Pinterest and The New Yorker



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