favorite colors aren’t normal

After dating for an entire year, Joe and I found it necessary to discover the basics about each other: favorite food, most embarrassing memory, first kiss, and favorite color. In an attempt to uncover the little details that tend to get looked over in modern dating, I realized that I have no pressing favorites…and a very poor memory when it comes to fairy-tale moments that I should, apparently, “never forget.”

I now know Joe’s favorite everything and most embarrassing everything… and what does he know about me? That I am unable to like all colors unequally. That I am a fickle yet fantastical eater, that my entire life is an embarrassing memory, and I have not the faintest idea who planted the first perk-er-roo on me.

Thus, today my favorite color is orange…. blood orange. Edgy.


I can literally feel my immunity increasing just by looking at all that vibrant vitamin C.

Images courtesy of: All the Pretty Birds , The Sartorialist , Pinterest

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  1. Beautiful writing, Nicole. I love reading the descriptions and knowing it’s how you’d describe them if I were talking to you in person.

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