words are artistic

Maybe you can tell that I’m a big fan of words. I string them together, pull them apart, abbreviate them at inopportune times, and sometimes use them incorrectly, and chalk it up to being artistic. no, not autistic thank-you-very-much.

You can imagine my delight when I found others turning words into art – and not in the typical prose or sonnet way. Austin Kleon is a writer and artist from Austin, Texas and has taken the oversimplified concept of blacking out works in a newspaper article, and took it to an entirely new level.

….am i right?

For an equally inspiring, yet altogether more light-hearted stab at human emotions and relationships, check out  how Oli from Oli+Alex molds everyday phrases into art.


Too much truth in these statements, don’t you think? The best part is…. she’s created loads of these internal dialogues…. cleverly titled “i love you, but.”


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