because I give a DAM

The Denver Art Museum. It’s a mile-high gold mine of art, housing little squares of framed emotion in styles from totem poles to light shows. We didn’t get to spend as much time drooling over the perfected symbolism that literally oozes from the modern and contemporary pieces as I would have liked, but all in all, I ended up with a few new favorites.

My most memorable DAM experience is directly related to photographer Robert Benjamin, and his “notes from a quiet life” collection. The collection is as endearing as his commentary: “I’m just a dad with a camera, I started photography for the same reason any artist does, but I didn’t have the same influences; I didn’t have to please anyone but myself.”

This small snippet does not do the man nor his work justice, but I hope it convinces you in the same way it convinced me to cherish unguarded family moments. Even the simplest actions – like running through the sprinklers fully clothed- are treasures.

What I loved most about the DAM was the fact that every floor and every room intrigued my senses in entirely different ways. Meet hyper-realistic painter Richard Phillips, whose work literally had me at a stand-still.

those colors and those faces pretty much sum up perfection in my book.

And finally, to tie it all back to those red-rock Colorado roots, my final two DAM favorites are Duke Beardsley, and Raymond Jonson. The irony here is that until I stepped foot onto Colorado soil for the first time, and saw for myself the wide open nothing-for-miles-but-golden-fields landscape, I never thought twice about this square state somewhere east of California. Well shame on me – it really is a stunning sight that I will never forget.

viva la imaginacion.


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