version 2.0

Growing up I had this horrible habit of wearing 5 percent of my wardrobe 95 percent of the time. My then-favorites included: a striking pair of black velvet (I repeat, velvet) American Girl overalls, printed turtle necks, and a long denim skirt that was originally floor length until it quickly became tea length by way of puberty and a few growth spurts. I wore that little baby so frequently that my natural stride adapted to the constriction of the stiff skirt’s narrow width, seriously affecting my walking, running, and playground activities. Interestingly enough, I didn’t turn my back on that skirt until middle school graduation – an all too serious event, I must admit- and when I did…I never looked back.

…until these maxi skirts fluttered back on to the fashion scene – and boy, am I nostalgic.

I never thought the day would come where I would want the 2.0 version of my old floor length Limited Too Denim skirt. But here it is. Carpe Diem – I’m going shopping and won’t come back without one of these flow-y numbers.

Images courtesy of  bjonesstyleall the pretty birds, cupcakes and cashmere, 21arrondissement, Anouska Proetta Brandon

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  1. Shibani and I love maxi skirts!! Summery and cute (and forgiving when you don’t want to be bff’s with your razor……tmi?)

    Other things I love:
    -your blog


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