staple shoe – black/brown edition

In a gallant effort to catch the bus to school with three bags, and a half eaten banana in tow, I inconveniently ripped my favorite sandals that I bought in Spain three summers ago. A true blunder.  As a fury of unconventional emotions ran through me, I realized how long it’s been since I’ve actually made a purchase with my feet in mind (with the exception of my new running asics). There I sat, defeated on the 6A toward campus, analyzing my shoe collection and reaching a stark reality – I need new staple sandals.

black/brown suits me best… here’s hoping one of these little lovelies finds its way to my front steps in time for the big birthday celebration this saturday.

and for a much less realistic, but much more exciting staple… three cheers for a… heightened experience:

hip, hip, hooray! all of these sensational sandals are from either Zara or a handful of designers on Piperlime. Size 9, s’il vous plaît

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