hills kill

This morning, my running partner, Kelly and I headed out for our 6 miler at 6:30am. I regret to inform you that I did not take notice of the gorgeous day-breaking skyline, the dew left glistening on the bright spring leaves, nor the crisp silence of morning stillness. Why? Because my attention was far too fixated on the looming hills that rounded every bend. I kid you not when I tell you at least four and a half of the six miles we ran were steady, steep inclines, and another half mile (at least) was a slow and steady gradual grade from hell.

Now, my legs and buns feel as heavy as metal aircraft, and my eyes never want to see another formidable hill again. In my life. ever.

…Except for when I go back home to my one true love – and look up those natural san francisco beauties with love and admiration (with no intention of trekking up them). All of a sudden I’m a firm believer in admiring beauty from a distance. A flat, flat distance.

Welp, now all I want to do is get back to my city. and/or watch Full House.

All images courtesy of flickr


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