at the ballet

Lately I’ve been feeling a little a lot scatterbrained. I hate so badly that my life revolves around a clock, and that at any given time of day I can be seen flailing from one side of campus to the other with a forlorn look on my face as I try to make it somewhere on time (and consequently struggling to find a balance between a walk/jog without looking like one of those kids from high school that wore transition lenses and tails). This weekend is as busy as ever, with non stop meetings and events, and gigs, and… wine tasting…  all I want to do is fall victim to serenity. I am in serious need of simply sitting. In a small, warm room – with nothing but an ice cream sandwich, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

I’ll take my swan Black, please.

Images courtesy of photographer Jan Masny  via Sharona Design

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