As of late, I can’t help but feel like Carrie Bradshaw. Clothes, hair, jimmy choo’s, and stick figure body aside – I’m more relating to the way she captures what’s going on around her in question form. How she speculates, and wonders, and challenges what may be norms, or what may be simply misnomers. Lost in a world that teaches us to keep track of time – to value it, to measure it, and to hold people to it as a standard and a test of their character, it makes perfect sense why everyone around me is struggling to stay mindful in the now. It’s American to  anxiously await the future – to prepare for what lies ahead, to utilize education as a stepping-stone that will one day lead to a promising career bla bla bla. As of this moment, this exact-never-to-be-repeated moment, I will not be drowning in the what ifs of my future. word.

... these photos by Elena Kalis are perfect for this moment on so many levels.

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