more is more.

This morning I managed to clasp every necklace I own around my neck (one to two at a time, of course… let’s not get crazy), just to take them all off and toss them into a heaping, tangled mess on my already disorganized dresser. I know this feeling all too well – the feeling of over-worn frustration, when none of my accessories make me feel like Christmas morning anymore, and all seem to have this rude and backwards tendency to ruin an existing ensemble rather than enhance it. Thus, a much needed trip to a flea market or two must must must ensue within the next few weeks, or I run the risk of falling asleep every night in a bedroom covered in mangled beads, chains, wire, and anguish.


In my quest to update my jewelry collection I am most certainly going to follow this more is more technique.

Also, I will be fish-tailing my hair as soon as I gain some hand-eye coordination. stay tuned for that.

Images courtesy of tobacco&leather

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