Hiroshi Tanabe

I’m going out on a limb here by assuming that people like me exist. People who find themselves writing their names in BLOCK letters, and are genuinely surprised that after holding and using a pen regularly for over eighteen years, the result still looks… juvenile.

I for one am the queen of testing my innate and learned fonts – and shamefully admit that my trusty right hand always fails to execute my mind’s vision. I know at this point I should just stop. I should just stick to print and cursive, and leave the squiggles, loops, and bubble letters to those with that uncanny, left-handed artistic flare. Thus, as I have now confessed that I cannot sketch, doodle, or draw to a standard that surpasses a gap-toothed-elementary-level: I give you someone who can. Meet Japanese illustrator Hiroshi Tanabe. He’s got that thing they call a gift.

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