pass the hair dye

This could be my inner greek talking, but I seem to frequently find myself wondering about origins. Not so much with words, or countries… more like… how in God’s name does traffic originate, or how do stereotypes originate? On that note, how did stereotypes explode into the playful yet hurtful web it is today?

As I was walking in to Starbucks this morning (curse you,caffeine addiction!), I saw a strawberry blonde woman and her three flaming red-headed offspring sipping what looked to be Caribbean Passion (I’m biased) Jamba Juices on a bench. I thought to myself… “my, what a red-headed family”. And then realized…I know enough dumb blonde, and brunette bombshell stereotypes to last me a lifetime, but I don’t know of a single red head stereotype. How very curious.

So, I take it upon myself to originate one — in photograph form:

There you have it — the origin of the “red-heads are absolutely adorable” stereotype.

All images by photographer Ali Bosworth  a la Foxtail and Fern

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