ridiculous rules

Raise your hand if you’ve done the following:

-given a high five

-burped out loud on accident

-tried to recover from tripping with a slow and awkwardly instigated jog

-rolled your eyes.

That last one is particularly near and dear to my heart, as there was a time in my life (when middle school blended into high school) where all anyone ever saw were the whites of my eyes – just rolling around from left to right and bottom to top. Attitude was my middle name back then, because I thought every rule was just downright ridiculous.

And would you look at this, Anneloes van Gaalen and Lillian van Dongen Torman from BISPublishers share my exact sentiment – featuring work that either negates or supports the rule. that single, sovereign rule. Check out these outrageously inspiring (and true!) spins on societal norms.

all images courtesy of Trendland

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