buttercream and tangerine

You know that phase, ‘you never really know what you have ’til it’s gone’? Or, ‘you think you know the threshold of your stress level, until you reach week six of your third year in college’? Oh, that’s not idiom? How very strange…

Luckily, I have music, writing, and an random array of obsessions like fashion and cooking to leverage as outlets from every day stressors. Window shopping online instantly raised my spirits this morning by releasing some much needed endorphins. I’ll gladly accept this as my morning exercise, and keep my chin up all day as I daydream of flowy layers of buttercream and tangerine.

Favorite window shopping (holding back from buying) sites: La Garconne and Asos.

Favorite supporting evidence: a glamorous little side project, la fille angalise, and tartlette

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