While applying an extra layer of mascara this morning in order to counter balance the hour I lost while tossing and turning last night, I realized how familiar I am with my face. This pair of almond eyes, this proud Greek nose, and these aquaphor-ed lips have been my constant companions for twenty-one years, and I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t sketch a rough constellation of  my every mole, pore, and scar at the drop of a hat. Point being, we all spend too much time looking at our faces head-on, but how often do we take note of our profiles? Each face has something new to offer when perspective is shifted and viewed from the side. Whether it’s a robust nose slope, defined jaw, or sincere brow ridge — there is beauty in the profile. As of late, I find it to be extremely under-appreciated and undervalued.

I had to hold myself back from posting every single photo in Stefany Alves’ photostream. These in particular really tugged at my heart strings, and caused me to appreciate my strong, Mediterranean profile for all the mystery, glory, beauty, and individualism that it stands for.

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