clog hog

If you asked me a few years ago to state my opinion on clogs, I would have generated some snipe – and likely ignorant – remark directly related to the Dutch. And look at me now… pining over these wooden wonders. I’ve heard the phrase “people change” before many a time – but have narrowed its association to cheating lovers or immature schoolmates. I’d like to take this opportunity to formally announce that I am neither a cheating lover, nor an immature schoolmate (right, friends?), and I  have changed – beginning with my opinion on clogs. Two words: love them. 

If you think these gals are poster children for clogs, think again. Here are nine reasons why clogs are acceptable for for more than just… clogging.

Even though their model has a serious case of “one-face-wonder”, Australian label Secret Squirrel‘s AW’11 line titled, “it’s not like them”, is causing me to seriously consider a one way ticket to the southern hemisphere’s fashion mecca post graduation. Clogs and sunscreen in tow…who’s with me?

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