ladies and gentlemen!

First and foremost, I must admit that I am one of Blockbuster’s twelve customers. I never made the transition to netflix, or hulu, or any of those other “…what? you-don’t-just-watch-it-on-your-computer!?” sites.  Two nights ago, while chalking up my $10.50 ticket to a mental health day, I saw Water for Elephants. It completed me in every way that Eat, Pray, Love didn’t – and flooded my mind, body, and soul with a jet stream of wild emotions. I was enthralled by so many different facets of the movie – starting and ending with Reese’s vintage costumes (get me to a thrift store) and Robert Pattinsons’ fetching jaw line. I completely lost myself in this film, but after I snapped-to, I realized how unknown and intriguing the history part is in all them historical fictions. What a gloriously glamorous way to fake it ’til you made it through the great 1930s depression.

all images courtesy of life magazine archives and kingston collection

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