True life: I’m addicted to chai tea lattes

They say it takes thirty days to kick a habit, but only one to feel the onset of an addiction. Welp, here I am on day five of ordering a chai lea latte at either Starbucks or a local coffee shop – and I must admit, I have no intention of kicking this addiction. With the strange and sudden onset of Seattle-like weather in our famously sunny and sleepy town, I’ve found myself nose deep in cinnamon and cardamom spices. The warm soothing smell and taste has me thinking in soft mauve hues and aching for a day’s worth of romance novels with a side of fluffy down comforter.

The only thing holding me back from a second (and possibly third) chai latte is the havoc it reeks on my bank statement.  At $3.50 a pop, it looks like a home brewing kit is in my near future, or I’m going to have to start selling my non vital organs to support this tasty and uplifting addiction. I’ve heard the spleen has no function….hmmm?

Images courtesy of Pinterest, Ruche, Thank you ok, Miss Moss

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