Boston Highlights

I find it funny that being away from my computer for a mere four days has left me with the tiniest dose of anxiety and writers block. Sitting down to spoil you all with my bostonian weekend details, it dawned on me how quickly the relationship between my brain and my fingertips is severed when not in practice. So, (gulp!) here it goes: a lovely weekend of foot tours, arboretum adventures, whining wining and dining, and celebrating steph’s graduation from Boston College! Three cheers for my gorgeous and loving sister, who at a ripe 23 just earned her Masters of Social Work. Boom baby!

Weekend highlights include:

wildly envying the few fantastically hip people who showed up to SFO with (something like) these in tow. 

Wandering down streets that (really do) look like this:


Phamily Photo Shooting in Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum:




Enjoying a four course meal  52 floors up at the ‘Top of the Hub’ (I’m currently in the process of hunting down their ginger bread pancakes recipe — to. die. for.)

Getting my 21 on with some lovely new and old friends (and by friends I mean colorful drinks):

Supporting my sensational sister for her graduation (check out the buildings…Boston College or Hogwarts?):

and finally, singing (awkwardly standing/posing)  in the rain in Boston’s North End with daddy dearest:


If I hadn’t already given my heart to San Francisco, I would without a doubt dub Boston the most beautiful city in these here United States. It was such a joy to share the cobblestone steps with my family, and to witness my sister trump yet another amazing milestone and accomplishment. California in the morning — such mixed emotions!

Images courtesy of: U Old Bag! , Flickr , and Stephanie Varvitsiotes.

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