Rise, Lazarus.

A comfortable break from flashcards and study guides left me happily trotting from city to city over the past few weeks. By crediting my sleep debt, celebrating my sister’s last month as a ‘single’ woman, creating some exciting new tan lans, testing new recipes, and falling (back) in love with an old favorite – the miracle of relaxation has brought me back to life, and to you.

Here is a brief snapshot of the events that have lead to our separation over the last few weeks.

Let’s start with vegas, shall we? Four days and three nights of absolute debauchery . Only joking, mom — we simply stood outside night clubs, and dropped Lincolns on Fiji water.

Isn’t my sister the most adorable Bachelorette? She could give Elton a run for his money in those circle frames, don’t you agree?

But, a girl can only handle ‘Trixy-like’ heels and XS rompers for so long until she needs a vacation from her vacation. Which is why I’ve been soaking up the sunny breeze at sea level for the past few days in my San Luis Obispo hideaway.

Here, I…

Followed Tartelette‘s advice and lived on the sweeter side of life and Grilled peaches on the BBQ, adding a little oat crumble to put over some ice cream on a warm solstice night

           Played chess outside, against a component who never lets me win (cough, cough!)

(incase you’re wondering – no, that is not me nearly baring it all to what appears to be a Hawaiian landscape.)

Became outrageously inspired by the Zumanity show we saw in Vegas, and Stretched all afternoon with a dear friend in hopes of one day changing the structure of our inflexible bodies.

                  Revisited an old favorite. Nothing beats taking turns narrating chapters of Where the Red Fern       Grows with your favorite person. Joe’s impression of Billy was unstoppable.

This American Classic never fails to bring me back, pull me forward, and have me itching to adopt a couple of rowdy and playful pups.

Images courtesy of: Erin Daly, Tartelette, The Trashed Fashion, Pinterest, and Life Archive

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