For all you 20/20’s

A few things you may not have known about me:

  • I can’t sleep unless I’m snug as a bug in 2-4 blankets (yes, even in summer)
  • I’ve banned coffee from my diet in hopes to naturally whiten my teeth
  • I can only sit Indian Style (is that still okay to say?) for about 4 minutes before I lose feeling in my right toes
  • I’ve worn contacts since I was in the third grade.
So sunday night, after a full day of visiting with family, eating my weight in paximadia, and spending some quality time with my mother’s vintage Singer sewing machine… I decided to put on my active pants. Below them, I laced up my trusty running shoes and set out for a tranquil 4 miler right as the sun was about to hide behind the Las Trampas Hills. Struggling to put my contacts into my tired and strained eyes, however, I made the best decision of the decade and went for a run without them. Nearly blind, I hoped for the best and crossed my fingers for my other four senses to rise to the occasion. Did they ever. I felt uneven pavement in my feet before I could see it. I heard cars approach me  from behind before I saw their tail lights driving away, and I listened to the wind burrow through my ear canals and tickle my spine. And for once, I couldn’t see people staring at me as if I were running like a drunk deer.
Needless to say, it was the most empowering, exhilirating run of my life. I feel lucky to see the world in two dimensions – one clear, and one blurred to a hazy perfection. In that regard, I feel sorry for all you 20/20’s… you’ll never be able to see what I see:
It’s funny that this is a foreign sight to some of you. These bulging lights and reflections have put my mind at ease and have brought me solace for over thirteen years. Ah, the life of a 20/50.
images courtesy of Flikr


  1. Love this!
    I am no longer 20/20, but I am glad sometimes I can just leave my glasses at home and feel like I am swallowed by the safety blanket of hazyness… 🙂

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