Jazmin Berakha(bama)

Thanks be to the goddesses of fate that brought me to all the mountains this overcast October-like morning for a quick poke around. There I found this sparkling south american gem, que se llama Jazmin Berakha – native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. These are her (fantastic frame-worthy embroideries, yes embroideries):


In less than two months I’ll be living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wow, that really just hit me. living — not visiting, or passing through, but l-i-v-i-n-g, living! Welp, while I’m there, I have every intention of finding this superhuman of a woman, Jazmin, and striking up a conversation that only slightly deviates from this: (all in Spanish of course)

N- Jazmin? Es mi heroina.

J- Well hello, lovely American girl. I realize I don’t know you, or you me, but something tells me you’d make a lovely embroidery student and best friend. Come with me, I’ll teach you needlework and turn you into the south american seductress you’ve always dreamed of being.

…. easy as that, amigos.

Ridiculousness aside though, her work has changed the way I view the craft of embroidery. As soon as I master the sewing machine, mayhap I’ll exchange the electric peddle for a needle and thread – my mother was a needlepoint extraordinaire back in the day. Hopefully I’ve got some of that creativity and patience tucked away undiscovered in my bloodline. Here’s hoping, and here’s daydreaming about Buenos Aires!





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