day No.85,775

Ever notice that change rarely occurs unprovoked? Or that to release our claws from the flesh of our comfort zones, our worlds must be turned upside down and given a brisk and violent shake? No matter what this change results in – a trimmer waist line, a healthier heart, a cleaner house, or more noteworthy marks in school – we all know that something’s got to start the fire and offer a much needed swift kick in the pants.

So naturally, when American turned 235 today… my world came crashing down. After some quick mental math I calculated that I have been a part of this nation’s story for 1/10 of its existence (…no harm in rounding up). And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility; change is in order. I have found myself a bit lazy on the discovering-new-musical-talent front – so for the next 21 (or so) years in my relationship with America, I am vowing to be more proactive in my life, by taking the liberty of finding new musicians that help realize my pursuit of happiness.

(drum roll for the best find of my day today ……………) Janelle Monae. She’s a god-forsaken whirlwind of a riot, this woman.

Slow it down with me now:

And that, my friends, is musicality.




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