goodbye fantasy

I feel surprisingly like a very shy child right now — the kind of child who clings to her mother’s legs and buries her face amid layers of soft fabric the second unfamiliarity infiltrates her fantasy play world. The play world I’ve been living in since my last update involved planning and participating in a wedding which (in my humble, lowly opinion) put a certain Royal Wedding to shame. My play world also revolved around a spontaneous trip to the Big Apple – where a dear friend and I not only ate our weight in NY pizza, but also visited the Hamptons Designer Showcase House. Flaunting the taste of 29 different designers, this house was truly the most eclectic hodge-podge of color, texture, and superior staging I may ever see.

The entry way (stole my heart and monopolized my attention) was accented in midnight blue and grey Chevron print. From the moment I saw this pretty peak-and-valley pattern, I knew I was done for. Consider this a tribute to the ever adapting Chevron print – so versatile and so mesmerizing.

…and like any shy child, I forget the fears that once seemed entirely life-threatening and slowly start tiptoeing back towards a comfortable reality.

Images courtesy of: Apartment TherapyStockholm Streetstyle, Misusings in femininityCaroline in the city, Jackie Dering,

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