unhappy hipsters = fit of laughter

This blog hurts so good with its genius execution of quick wit and jabbing sarcasm. Oh, Unhappy Hipsters, so alone in this big, bad world.

Awashed in the warm televised glow, no one noticed the looming orb threat.

(photo-Jason Schmidt;Dwell)


Sick and tired of unsolicited tips from strangers on how to raise little Ottoman, Womb felt suddenly and inconsolably alone. Oh, the incredible isolation of life post-pregnancy.

(Photo: Justin Fantl; Dwell)

All parties were ready for high water at a moment’s notice: house on stilts, dad in his trunks, and babe safe and sound in the laundry basket.

(Photo: Matthew Williams; Dwell)

The mushroom stood frozen in the corner, waiting for his moment.

(Photo: Stephen Karlisch; ReadyMade)

He loved the image of being tucked away in a window seat reading The Fountainhead; no one need know the book jacket concealed an autographed copy of Jay Leno’s epic tome Leading With My Chin.

(Photo: Matthew Williams; Dwell)

Was it too soon to regret his drunken vow to shelve only Nordic bestsellers?

(Photo: Sean Hemmerle; ArchDaily)

I’m not kidding when I say that these unhappy hipsters have left me with a permanent side smirk – every scene exemplifies just the right amount of smart-ass and underwhelming reality. I can’t wait to start my own collection of under-the-breath snippy captions of everyday photos…let the games begin.


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