proud mary

If this video doesn’t melt your heart into six hundred sugary pieces, while simultaneously making you want to jump, sing, and dance… you may not be human. This is Take it SLO. We sing a cappella music for fun, and this is a 6 minute tribute (documentary?) of our CD recording process:

My name has never been Mary, but I have never been more proud. 15 wonderful musicians and I who have made our home in sunny San Luis Obispo recently released our voices into cyberspace by way of this tiny, whole-in-the-wall store, itunes… have you heard of it? Take it SLO, Cal Poly’s premiere a cappella group is on fire, with no intention of getting extinguished.

What will you get when you purchase our CD, SLOphistication online? 10 amazing tracks woven with lyrical genius, and a musical ensemble that will leave your skin with long-lasting goosebumps. Basically, I (and A Cappella Records) cannot say enough about these outstanding people, our emotion evoking music, and our sophomore CD. Laugh with us. Cry with us. Look at us in cocktail attire.

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