morning glory

To celebrate my last few days in SLO before I leave the northern hemisphere for a 3 month stay in Argentina, a few friends and I decided to scurry our sleepy heads out of bed and up Bishop’s Peak for a sunrise hike. Although the mist and fog hid the sun from our view at 6:18 am, being surrounded by a blanket of white fluff and condensation lead me to enjoy the rest of my day in a happy (yet puffy-eyed) mood.

Besides this morning’s sunrise hike and Sally Loo’s Acai bowls, these things are currently making me smile:

Albert Einstein. Holding a puppet of Albert Einstein.

These eye catching grids of ‘you, again’ by Sookyung Bae

Mark Peckmezian’s Analog photos


These Freckles

Cloudy minds

This message

And obviously, this montage of cats.

Ah, Endorphins.

Images via: Victoria Hannan, Butter + Brass, Clever Nettle,  Tomboy Style, Lissy Elle, That Kind of WomanThank you, ok



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