more than us

While precariously positioning all my weight above one veiny and pulsing right foot for what felt like three minutes, my yoga teacher instructed me and the class (of 40 somethings clad in lulu lemon) to “telescope [our] ribs away from [our] waists.”

Uh, excuse me?

Of course, my ocean-like Ujjayi  breathing immediately fell off course, and my mind began to travel. Not only did I question the depth of the English language, which curiously allows us to turn any noun into a verb, but also the vastness that is… The Galaxy, which can be observed via telescope – (noun). Coincidentally, this was not the first time the mind boggling concept of the universe entered my thoughts within the last 24 hours, as my dad and I spent last night in a bonding frenzy over the original E.T. – which neither of us had seen previously. So there I was, sweaty in the Diablo room, about to enter the second sequence of a sun salutation when everything became one giant question mark. I am convinced that we could not possibly be alone in the universe. Evidence of running water on Mars so blatantly points to evidence of Evian factories on Mars, doesn’t it? And now, who do you think works in those Evian factories? Just sayin’. There is so much more than us out there.

Images courtesy of: Patterns Okay, Creative Patterns, Where the Lovely Things Are

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