TBS reruns

Can you recognize these cameos? Hm, let’s see we’ve got feathered bangs, giant earrings, wild curls, an obnoxious headband, and a mullet. Sound like an early nineties sitcom? If  you guessed Kelly, Lisa Marie, Jessie, Zach, Screech, and A.C. Slater — respectively, you’re a) right b) in dangerous need of reevaluating your life. No matter how you knew, though, these are in fact the profiles of Saved by the Bell characters – which I stumbled upon today after an all-too-familiar nightlong battle with insomnia sat me through four silly little reruns on TBS.

I loved this cameo so much that I went hunting for more. Here’s where the search took me:

A little lady and a little tramp

a little of everything else

A few thought provoking messages


These little fellers

A touch of sparkle

A must-have puzzle (honestly, too cute for words)

This lovely, untamed love letter

And most noteworthy, the Tree of Life

If you caught on to the black and white pattern here, congrats — you are now two for two. Today I am vowing to remember that life’s pages do not turn in black and white. There are no rules in this game we play, and there certainly is never one right answer to any problem. These little bits brightened up my afternoon, and I hope they do the same for you and yours.

I bet you’re dying to catch up on Zach and Kelly’s romance, or Slater’s BMI. Unfortunately for us, Saved by the Bell won’t be on for another 15 hours. Life lesson No.2: patience is a virtue.

Images via Plenty of Colour 

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