the edge

1972 was a triumphant year in many ways. VW Beetle sales destroyed the beloved Model-T Ford’s sales, The Godfather was released to lucky cinemas throughout the United States, Bewitched aired its final episode, women were finally allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon, Jane Fonda toured North Vietnam, and most importantly Neil Sedaka sang a clever little diddy letting the world know that “Breaking up is hard to do.”

No Kidding, Neil. And I find it especially hard to do when you feed the fire by listening to the Dixie Chicks sing circles around these lyrics, “how long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough, is forever enough?”. And even more so when you listen to them sing them on repeat. repeatedly.

Luckily, the quality pity-party that’s been going on in my neck of the woods for the last two weeks has been pleasantly counter balanced with late night tea and wine parties, sharing dinner and ‘what-are-you-grateful-for’ lists with a striking brown-eyed blonde lady friend, yoga, running, baking, and even some furniture making. Thus, I’ve exchanged my Debbie Downer Dixie playlist for the radio’s most favorite and overplayed tune (behind Adele). Gaga’s Edge of Glory. It follows my every move, and frankly I’m a bit more than okay with that. So here is my I’m-excited-to-go-abroad-and-stand-on-the-edge-of-glory post (/ my I need(want) gold glitter in my wardrobe post). holler!

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