good airs

Estoy en Buenos Aires! It’s been a long day and a half of breathing the stale taste of airports, positioning and repositioning myself in the world’s most uncomfortable upright chair (I hate you, American Airlines), not showering, then showering in Katy Perry styled water (that was a Hot and then Cold joke, in case you resent pop music or live in a cardboard box), drinking cafe at a cafeteria after walking blocks in the cold 13 C weather — which can easily be converted to Fahrenheit by simply multiplying by 1.8 then adding 32 — Nothing like mental math, and finally enjoying my host-mother for all her strength and stories over some pasta con salsa.

Anyway, I didn’t take any pictures today. Not of people, places, the house I’m staying at or myself because I would be tooting my own horn if I said I look like I got run over by a bus and then trampled by a legion of angry private school mobsters. So, I invite you to see what I see on the streets of Buenos Aires, and pretend like you’ve spent this first day with me. Here is a site called “on the corner” with the tagline vestimos lo que somos. We wear what we are.

I cannot apologize enough for those cheesy buttons. Although I did not put them there, I am in fact too lazy/tired/jet lagged to remove them. Tomorrow I promise some personal photos and updates from my travels so far! besos.

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  1. traveling can be so smelly, stressful, uncomfortable. glad you made it!!Can’t wait to see what inspires you direct from from Argentina.

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