Feria de Recoleta

Am I the luckiest, or am I the luckiest? My roommates and a few new friends and I spent our first sunny saturday at La Feria de Recoleta – a beautiful plaza filled with vendors, musicians, artists, lazy-day lovers, and orange juice sipping friends.

Photos by yours truly, and Chicago’s finest, Susan Banashak

Spectacular, no? After the fair we ate croissant sandwiches of ham and cheese, drank the richest black coffee known to man, and rode the subway back to Gloria’s quaint little flat. Meghan and I had our first running date and took to the neighborhood streets for some fresh air and a 30 minute counter balance to all the carne, tostado, queso, y ravioli we’ve been eating. Not to mention the wine and purple beer we’ve been drinking. It was possibly the most refreshing, yet intimidating run I’ve ever been on – as the mild uncertainty of not fully knowing where exactly we were slightly hindered our level of relaxation during the trek. Regardless, it was a perfect day, followed by a hilarious night out at the Viking bar. besos.

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