Las mujeres de Heredia woke up to the sound of rain drops this morning and sleepily climbed down the narrowest staircase known to man to enjoy a typical Argentine breakfast: Yoghurt, tostada, y cafe. After a lazy shower, and a much needed nail painting session, I was ready to spend the crisp rainy day reading and sipping tea. So, Meghan and I did what we do best – We took the B line to our favorite stop, Callao, and paid the famous bookstore, El Ataneo, a very warm visit. This breathtaking building used to be a theater before it was converted to a bookstore and cafe, and is currently enjoyed by Argentines and tourists alike. A bookworm’s dream. My dream.

el ataneo

el arte de Elena Tencer

The neighborhood of Recoleta

La plaza de Vicente Lopez


Gloria fed us a slice of sweet potato dulce on top of a slice of cheese for dessert tonight, and I’ll be frank – us chiquitas were not quite feeling the textural conundrum. But, my first Sunday in Buenos Aires was nowhere near spoiled as nothing could possibly be sweeter than a lazy day filled with books, tea, wonder, walking, people watching, more books and more tea. besos.


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