combat cahoots!

My roommate, Meghan, and I spent the better part of this lovely Tuesday (yes, we only have school Mondays and Wednesdays) wandering through our neighborhood down cobble stone streets, and finding ourselves lost in the best possible way amid the most beautiful houses in Belgrano. Ivy spreading, shutters shuttering, flowers flowering, birds chirping, neighbors chatting, the heavens opening, puppies playing, rainbows sparkling… every single lovely thing you could ever imagine, we found while walking from our house to the subte station in a neck of the woods we thought didn’t exist. While walking through (glorious, drool-worthy) neighborhoods, and then through the ritzy shopping district of Palermo, we realized every Argentine woman is stomping her yard in combat boots. Which is why, tengo esta oda a las botas. These little puppies are definitely finding a way back with me to the states. In the words of the lovely, talented, pure, role model Brittany Spears, “gimme gimme more (gimme) more (gimme gimme) more”.



  1. i just bought a pair of these today! boots with the furrr. my dad showed me some old pictures of him earlier, and apparently these booties were very popular among little boys in the 50s. hehe. ooo nic how i miss u and hope u are having so much fun wherever u are right now…keep posting pics. i loved the yoga one of u on the rock. i hope u didnt fart… xoxox

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