a trifecto celebration

So my dear old (that’s just a saying, he’s not really old!) dad celebrated a very special birthday yesterday, and although this tiny tribute shows only a portion of my love and admiration for him, hopefully it counteracts the fact that I didn’t leave/send a card…. or call from Argentina. LOVE YOU DAD, happy birthday!

In other news, I have officially been in Buenos Aires for an entire week, and this post is my first blogging milestone: my 100th post! yippee! To ride this train even further, I am a finalist in CBS San Francisco’s most valuable blogger competition… *gulp* can you believe it? So, if you like/love/obsess over what you read and see here, first of all thank you. Thank you for following my run-on sentences and jumbled thoughts for all they’re worth, and for following me along this south american journey. The polls are open here until Sep 9, tomorrow. If you feel so kind as to vote, on every computer, in every work station you see fit, I would greatly appreciate it!

Now. How’s about some BA recap and pics?

r e t i r o – the neighborhood surrounding our campus

the landmark fountain that reminds us to turn left in order to get to school

mate party

just a lil’ friend!

multitasking at its finest. socializing + increasing hamstring flexibility

It was a great first week of classes, exploring, wandering, and bonding with the fellers in my program. Today, Meghan and I are going to brave the bus system and just shamelessly ride them throughout the city until we make sense of where we are, who we are, and what to do with those first two answers. More soon! Besos.

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