Have you ever woken up with an overwhelming urge to just walk and explore? To come across the ‘museum mile’ and follow along with the cyclists and rollerbladers down the Avenida del Libertador hopping in and out of some of the worlds most beautiful and coveted galleries? Welp, that makes two of us!  Today, Meghan and I spent our afternoon walking from the neighborhood of Retiro, through the museum mile, around Recoleta, and all the way home… a good 8.something miles.

Easy as 1, 2….

3 Guards who protect the names of those lost in the Malvinas War in Retiro

Our first museum stop: El Museo de Arquitectura 

Just a little park along the way

Museum of fine arts

Degas, my one true love (saw four originals. happy day!)


The tulip that opens with the sun and closes with the darkness

Meghan, just benchin’ it in la Plaza de United Nations

I was disgustingly close to uploading a picture of my feet to show all of you what walking 8 something miles in strappy sandals did to my formally soft and smooth toes. Covered in dirt, soot, and miscellaneous debris, my dogs are barking a deafening tune. Nevertheless, spending an entire day walking from one side of the city to the other, seeing works of the most stunning art from the most famous and incredible artists, all while discovering new havens in Buenos Aires was a dream come true. Now, for a shower and rally for a night out with the roommates! Did someone say C & C music factory — Everybody dance now?!


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