Live, Learn, Listen to Chopin.

My first impulse when sitting down to write today was to let you all in on a little life secret I’ve learned in Buenos Aires over the last nine days, but as I lie here on my bed – horizontal for the first time in what feels like three days, I am overcome by the sweet seduction of Chopin’s chords, melodies, harmonies, and perfection — ah, the simplest of satisfactions. So now, it is to say that I wanted so badly to tell you how everything in Argentina at this point is trial and error. How when we planned to ride bikes through an ecological reserve today, we do not anticipate walking three miles from the subway station just to have forty five minutes before the gates surrounding nature’s most prized possessions locked us out, and all the wonder in. I wanted so badly to convey to you how quickly time escapes when you’re trying to plan a direct route that doesn’t exist, or when you’re trying to go to a tango class at 6:30pm, only to arrive home at 6:15 and discover that to get to the tango class, you must either walk twelve blocks, ride three busses, or have a most impressive genetic mutation allowing you to fly. Nothing in this city is close, and nothing in this city works the way you expect it to. Trial and error, my friends. Many, many, many trials and errors.

But now, dear friends and family, all I want to tell you is how happy I am to rest my feet after hours of walking, dancing, walking, dancing, and walking some more. Lying in bed, with the warm company of my favorite composer tickling my ear drums has never brought me such joy and contentment. Times like these remind me how deeply music contributes to my happiness, sanity, and growth. At this moment, in the light of his E minor Opus #11, I have never felt so invincible. At this moment, I am not bothered by the fact that plans fall through at every chance they get here.

Since I am no where near a piano, I intend to live vicariously through a very extensive itunes playlist that has me absorbing Chopin’s language of Nocturnes and Preludes for hours on end. Or at least until the girls and I go to a friend’s place later for a barbeque. Besos. Puerto Madero besos. frustrated besos. learn from your experience besos. classical music besos. happy besos.

Here is a visual representation of our day and how we spent it en route entre el subte y la reserva ecologica through Puerto Madero.

Today just turned into one of those days where Sepia has never felt so right. Do yourself a favor and sit still with only the movement of a Chopin piece tonight, and let me know how you feel about love, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness upon doing so.

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