Although flipping through photographs has hardly the same effect as flipping through real life, prepare yourself for some serious sensory and color overload.

Today… I walked 50 minutes to the Greek Orthodox Church in Buenos Aires, just in time for coffee hour

… and rode the bus (successfully, mind you – a giant feat that deserves a celebratory toast) to San Telmo’s Sunday Fair

After the day came and went, and my spacial orientation came flooding back to me after spending hours tucked tightly amid the close clusters of small latin people at the San Telmo Fair, I sat down to spend some quality time with the homework I’ve been brushing under the rug. And that is only because by this point in time I had already eaten dinner, showered, looked up flights to Patagonia and Mendoza, and painted my nails. Luckily, though, the bold words of the only chapter I had to read were: Globalization, Diversity, Demographics, and Universalism. I can get used to this kind of college. Tired and somewhat studious besos.

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  1. Your writing inspires, invigorates, and illumines me to the core. How is it that I have not been exposed to these blogs of yours until this moment? I’m not even sure if you’re reading this or if it’s just being viewed by nameless, virtual beings, but I must say, Nicole, that you are truly remarkable and relevant in your eloquent display of words and thoughts.

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