Lazy day + Postres.

Argentines are super humans. They drink and dance and socialize until 7am, and then continue to function like normal, capable members of society the following day.

Nicole is not a super human. Nicole drank and danced and socialized until 7am, and then continued to spend the following rainy day in her pajamas watching Bridget Jone’s Diary, and It’s Complicated voiced over in spanish. When Nicole left the TV chair, she ate an apple with dulce de leche, returned to the chair, only to get up again to make the most delicious dessert (oreo balls), and then watch Meghan deforest her legs.

t e a m work!

Meghan’s balanced diet.

a free show.

I can’t stop laughing at her face. priceless.

And for all you sweet teeth out there, here’s the recipe to the easiest/tastiest dessert ever


ingredients: oreos, cream cheese, sugar for garnish.

1) crush oreos

2) mix with two whopping spoonfuls of cream cheese (about 2/3 this size container)

3) knead.

4) roll into balls, and sprinkle with sugar

5) place in freezer for about 2 hours and serve!

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