The chronicles of Mendoza

I am honestly at a loss for words as I sit here trying to brainstorm the perfect adjectives to string into the most perfect sentence so that you all can feel the perfection that is Mendoza, Argentina. So instead of trying to describe this foreign land of miracles and sunshine, I’m just going to ramble off a brief list of the feelings that consumed me while I was there, and let you in on a day-by-day photo diary of the best four days of my life abroad.

Anxious butterflies, Excitement, Resentment towards Disney for making a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (they showed that on the bus), Entirely weirded out by the need to have three ham & cheese sandwiches for dinner on the bus, Uncomfortable while trying to sleep, Uncomfortable to wake up finding myself drooling, HAPPY to see the Andes mountains out of the bus windows, and even happier to arrive, huge inhales of fresh smoke-free air, clear skin (finally!), contentment drinking wine in a plaza, mmmmm Parilla, OMG WE”RE HIKING IN THE ANDES, #?*! it’s FREEZING and we’re wearing shorts, Thank God our guide has 16 extra layers of fleece for us, life is perfect, this stream water is the freshest I’ve ever tasted, I love life, I love Argentina, I love hiking. Holy hell I want an alfajor, this is the best alfajor, happiness is cooking homemade pasta for the ladies at the hostel, HOW are my legs already sore?, can’t wait to put on a bikini tomorrow and lie in the sun and hot springs all day, um… no one packed sunscreen?, this is the life, this is the life, this is the life, this is the life. I don’t want to leave. Free bike tour tomorrow? Free wine? I love this place, my quads are on fire, did someone say olive oil/chocolate tasting?, how cute is this Beer Garden, I could stay forever and grow old and wrinkly while eating empanadas and drinking giant glasses of white wine.

Day 1: BUS–>MENDOZA–> Plaza de Independencia –> Parilla

bus buddy Lisa (we discovered we share a birthday! woo!)

gourmet dinner on the bus— 3 servings of ham/cheese sandwich per person. lucky us!


Plaza De Independencia

the leaves like my lulu


Day II: Team Blue doesn’t wear enough clothing to hike the Andes–> Team Blue borrows enough clothing to hike the Andes –> Team Blue’s lives are changed forever. Best 7 hours of my life.


(the clothes we had to borrow – wool socks, pants, fleece, overcoats, mittens, scarves, beanies)

Our family christmas card

little old me, finishing the hike

Day III: Thermal Spas in Cacheuta. so warm, so lovely, so fresh. (so totally not photographed in a bikini – it’s alfajor season)

Day IV: Mr. Hugo gives us free bikes, free wine, and free memories.

wine–> Olive Oil/Chocolate tastings—> Beer Garden –> Flat tire —> picked up my the one and only Mr. Hugo—> Bus ride back to Buenos Aires

Lisa-roo, our little dancer.

Happy Mr. Hugo

Happy Ms. Varvitsiotes

As I’ve said… we love our alfajores.

Mendoza will always occupy the warmest place in my heart. It stirred up some seriously powerful emotions, feelings, sentiments, laughs, thoughts, and memories… and for that I am eternally grateful. If you can visit, do. Do it all, and don’t you dare hold yourself back.

Mountain air Besos.

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