Ariel Mlynarzewicz

October always does right by me. Today I spent nearly four hours reading Guerra Sucia, Secretos Sucios in a cafe – cozied up in a personalized nook where my nearly horizontal body was soaking in the sun’s rays as if I were a pristine feline napping on a warm afternoon. Besides that euphoric experience, I went for a two hour walk down unfamiliar streets to better acquaint myself with the city sidewalks and skyline. I did nothing but feel the uneven cobble stone under my worn-down sandals, breathe deeply, and watch the sky shovel out the blue only to welcome a transitional orange before the darkness. Happily I made it home for some delicious spaghetti and the urge to discover new art. And that I did, dear friends. That I did.

Stumbling across the works of Ariel Mlynarzewicz took my already fantastic day, drizzled dulce de leche all over it, and turned it into a perfect day. His art is currently housed in an art gallery no further than two blocks away from my school, and in my humbly unartistic opinion is some of the most genuinely captivating work I’ve encountered. Each piece is so full of life and emotion that at this very moment I feel myself living more fully, and feeling more deeply. Inspired Besos.

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