aunque es la primavera…

…todavia me encanta Octubre. Che, today was just a regular day in the park Bosque de Palermo, where Meghan and I ran the Maraton UP! It was the most beautiful day for a 10k (which we notably conquered in promptly 1 hour), and I could not have asked for a more encouraging group of runners to enjoy race day with. Any time a walker was spotted on the right most side of the path, people would jog by chanting with their fists proudly in the air vamos, vamos! Con la fuerza! I was too busy taking it all in and smiling like a ten year old boy watching Home Alone for the first time to listen to my iPod. A 10k in Buenos Aires. What a thrill.

{before the race}

{after the race}

…When Meghan and I got home, we basically engaged in constant verbal pats on the back until we were invited to join some friends on the outskirts of town for the Feria de Mataderos. This fair is said to be the most authentic fair in Buenos Aires because of its heavy ties to the Gauchos. Although our legs were tired from our earlier 6.something mile run, and our appetites were severely insatiable… we spent the warm Sunday afternoon moseying on through booths of jewelry vendors and Chor y Pan sellers. After the fair, I had just enough time to catch the end of Gladiator dubbed over in Spanish before my roommate Caitlin’s birthday dinner started. Invitees to the table were the roomies, two lovely friends, and Gloria’s hilariously lovable grandson and his boyfriend. Conversation was strictly in spanish and remained at a side-slitting humor level, as Gloria gave me my second lesson in proper Argentine flirting (1. was the shimmy, 2. was the wink), and then went on to discuss her favorite episodes of Friends. Such a hilarious night at the dinner table – although I’ll have to make room in my bed tonight for the arroz y pollo/flan food baby that’s lingering.

{los gauchos}

Active Bodied Besos.

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