The last six days have been the most adventurous, rewarding, inspiring, and testing moments of my entire life. Caitlin, Karissa and I trekked 66 km in 3 days, sliding through mud, sloshing through streams, hoisting ourselves over boulders, and shimmying through narrow brush covered trails. Each day was entirely different than the one before – weather wise, and otherwise. Each day’s hike was a new and exciting challenge with views that will knock the breath right out of the lungs you take for granted. I have never smelled such fresh air, have never seen such majestic views, and have never felt so small yet so incredibly invincible. Patagonia, you stole my heart.

Day 2: ¬†Campamento Torres –> Torres –> Refugio Cuernos

lunch by the lake

Day 3: Refugio Cuernos –> ‘Refugio Grey’ aka free campsite/construction site/ warm sheltered place to pitch our tent

Caitlin. is. too. cute.

yoga at the bottom of the world


Glacier Grey

I repeat, GLACIER grey.

Just a ‘lil stretch for the groin, butt, thighs, back, arches, soul.

what’s this? The “coming soon” refugio? Sure we’ll take three sides of shelter on a rainy night!

(we were woken up at 7:30am on Sunday morning by Chilean construction men stomping around in their Chilean construction men boots, who promptly told us not to worry and offered us breakfast and coffee. perfection)

Day 4: ‘refugio grey’–> Refugio Peheo –> read, drink tea, enjoy the sun by the lake.

Day 5: Boat –> Bus–> $16 celebratory dinner of white wine and fresh Chilean salmon –> airport

You must be warned though, there is always fine print in South America. Actually, no, I take that back, there is no print in South America. Things never go as planned, and even if you don’t plan things… everything works completely counter intuitively and all together backwards. We were stunned into some strange, and unfortunate situations that could never have been foreseen… like the Bus back to the airport having a “dia feriado”, or our flight back to Buenos Aires being cancelled. Such is life, we’d say. Such is life.

Regardless, Patagonia lit the match that ignited my inner wilderness-woman’s fire. I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt, and will likely be spending the rest of this Tuesday night googling were to find backpacking gear for sale rather than studying for my midterm tomorrow. For the record, we did not shower for 6 days – which explains the frequented beanie – and managed to stay dry and warm through all of nature’s curve balls. By the end of it, we were nearly paralyzed from the soreness with joints so stiff, we hobbled around as if we were on the verge of 95. Despite the physical discomfort, we learned our own strength, and at least a dozen life lessons in less than a week, my favorite being: you cannot control the elements, you can only control your attitude. Empowering (and FINALLY CLEAN) Besos.

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