Before I begin, I feel as though I owe you all more an explanation than an apology. That is to say that though I am sorry that I have been relatively missing in action for the last five days, I have failed to update this here blog because:

a) in doing so I have prolonged the euphoria that followed me home from Patagonia


b) I was a bit busy soaking in Colonia, Uruguay.

Traveling in an unmistakeable eighty-person-pack of clamorous American youth was the furthest thing from my ideal travel situation as the entire CEA program boarded the Buquebus boat to Uruguay last Friday morning. However, the comfortable low-riding recliners, the quaint cobble stone beach town, the unforgettable golf-cart tour/photoshoots and star gazing with a fabulous group of friends turned this little day trip into a big favorite.

{getting cozy on the boat}

{Colonia, Uruguay}

{Our first stop on the golf cart tour, river side paparazzi}

{my fear of open-aired vehicles, speed, and being responsible for the lives of others kept me in the back of the golf cart for the day’s tour. I only ‘drove’ while in park. My much more daring friends created donuts on the sand like it was their job}

{sun set over the river from the boat deck}

After the sun hid below the water’s surface and the sky remembered it’s blackness, a group of us ventured out onto the windy deck and admired the abundance of stars that appeared in the sky like new freckles in August. There was never a more beautiful sight than those constellations shining in the stretch of darkness between Uruguay and Argentina. It felt like home. Starry-Eyed Besos.

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