This was by far the most action-packed week of my Buenos Aires life. I’ll attempt to break it down day by day, but I regret to inform you that there are at lease a dozen incredible/hilarious/outrageous/unforgettable outtings that are photographed only in my mind. From playing Connect Four over a bottle of wine at the eclectically styled Acabar game bar, to meeting some locals and drifting over to Plaza Cerano with them to ring in the sunrise, to dancing to the electronica beat alongside (really ridiculously fit and impressively good looking) drag queens at the infamous Niceto Club, to shopping, finding the best place for a salmon salad in the city, nursing a hangover with the help of scrambled eggs (Gloria’s out of town, finally a break from Yoghur!), and most importantly, mom and dad, studying for my three midterms on Wednesday.

Tuesday’s highlight: A little trip to the city’s Natural Science Museum

{field trip! You may notice they are all wearing blue lab coats with green ties that have their names written in puff paint. adorable}

{this had me laughing for a good 43 seconds}

{which is almost as long as I was laughing at this gem of a flying squirrel. Oh the eye contact!}

Thursday: Meghan and I hit the streets of Cabildo and window shopped for a few hours, soaking in the beautiful spring sun. Afterwards, my other roommate Caitlin was my date to an event at la casa de la provincia buenos aires which was sponsored by the Greek Embassy. In case you were wondering, they did in fact serve spanakopita and dolmades after the speakers presented. I nonchalantly emptied three trays of those puffy phyllo pastries into my oversized purse and gingerly tiptoed out of the building. ‘Twas but a mediterranean feast on the subway ride home.

Friday: A few girls in my program and I visited the Evita Museum located near the heart of Palermo in what used to be an orphanage established by Evita herself. Projectors played footage of her famous speeches and of her fourteen day funeral procession, perfectly capturing her wide and often times fanatic following.

{Seeing her exquisitely tailored dresses may have been my favorite part}

{the children, linen closet, and kitchen of Evita’s orphanage}

{tea time en la terraza}

And finally, after weeks of complaining about my dead mane weighing down my spirits, Meghan and I looked each other square in the eye and made a proactive decision. With little to no experience cutting hair, I handed her the scissors and hoped for the best. Luckily, the result was completely in line with my original vision, and I have yet to stop running my fingers through my freshly healthy and happy hair. Thanks, Meghan! Tired and not-wanting-to-study Besos!




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