Life Lesson 10/24

I cannot relay how many times I’ve looked at my father teary-eyed and wholeheartedly defeated. With a croaking voice I curse the gift of naivety, feel my age, and manage to always end up saying something along the lines of: “how, in all honesty, do you know so much?”, or “where did you learn that?” or “no one ever told me”, or most frequently “how was I supposed to know?” Every single one of these break-downs stem from the same flower – that sweet rose of inexperience.

Here in Argentina, life lessons are sold like medialunas – by the dozen. If a day goes by without a giant wrench being thrown into the mix, or a lemon launched at my head, I truthfully don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve grown to expect bumps in the road here, and with luck and introspection, I’d say that I’ve managed to reflect moderately well and gain some life-long insight. Watch out dad, I’m catching up!

There is a point to this ramble, prometo. Point being – today started the process of learning a very valuable life lesson. Without going into detail, after stumbling upon some unexpected news, I became more sour than one of those Warheads of my childhood. I thought cold thoughts, said cold things, felt cold feelings – all in all was overcome with inner cruelty. After living in this state for the better half of Election Day in Argentina, I went for a walk to alleviate the pressure of my brain-on-overdrive. Wandering down new sidewalks, and changing direction with every song that played on my (still not lost!) tiny ipod shuffle, I found some clarity from both the transforming sky and the words of a dear, dear friend. It was then when I realized that I {and we the people} not only take myself {ourselves} too seriously, but also lack unwavering kindness and humility.

Have you noticed how easy social media has made it to become exponentially more fond of yourself? People ‘liking’ what you do, offering you compliments on 700 out of the 714 pictures you just uploaded about the regular Thursday night you spent watching So You Think You Can Dance with your ‘adorbs’ new kitten, or how they’re constantly checking up on you as you make something new for dinner, or travel to a new city as if your business caused the planets to revolve around the sun? I am convinced that the constant posing, the constant contact, and augmented identity a la facebook is at least partially to blame for the reason I {we} am {are} not the kindest, most genuinely humble person{people} I {we} can be.

phew! ya still following?

Today I realized I was intentionally pushing away what I’ve held on a pedestal out of protection. Today I realized in diminishing the image of another, I vainly boosted my own – and let me tell you, nothing but remorseful, ugly, unfulfilling feelings came from that. Which is why as of now, I am actively beseeching myself and all of you to recognize and dampen sour thought, deed or actions you may commit – whether they occur out of self-protection, ill-fitted humor, or all seriousness.

To think completely, to think logically, and to think kindly and humbly: this is where the October 24th’s life lesson is leading me to. Find me in 30 years when the fruits of my labor make me grey with wisdom – hopefully I’ll have as many experience lines on my forehead and palms as my father does.

And if you need some inspiration, watch my favorite clip from The Pianist. I’ve watched it four times tonight. Go beginning to end and feel yourself shrink down to human proportions. Moving Forward Besos.

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