And so it goes – another day that supports the theory that the Argentine Internet lies. After my morning run I was feeling ready to conquer a new area of the city and see things I had never seen before – starting with the Museo Metropolitano.

What the internet told me: it’s open from 11am-6pm

The truth: It opens at 2.

So, here is a view of the outside of the museum, which I snapped after looking at my watch just as the little hand hit the 1 and the big hand hit the 12.

With my spare hour, I met the neighborhood. Wide, tree-lined sidewalks greeted me along every street, while miles of Audi’s and BMW’s shimmered in the sunlight to say hello. I have to admit, stumbling upon some of the ritziest house I’ve seen in my life was not an unpleasant way to make sixty minutes go by.

… and what’s this? The Greek Embassy? What a pleasant surprise!

and now… just some really average homes.

2:00. Art o’clock!

This museum was a bit of a tease, though, with it’s gorgeous facade and misleading four stories. Only the bottom floor was dedicated to the museum’s art – which I learned when I showed myself upstairs and found myself in Laura Velasquez’ officina. Stupid American.

On the walk back to the bus, I was lucky enough to find the most amazing natural food restaurant (something that is never, ever served at Gloria’s house). I saw the words ‘pumpkin’ and ‘salad’ next to each other on the menu, and quite honestly didn’t bother to look for anything else. Holy hell, if all you’ve eaten was cream, ravioli, cream, milanesa, creamy raviolis with milanesa — for a month and a half — you’d be equally happy to find an arugula, pumpkin, blueberry, ricotta, toasted pine nut salad. mmhmm! That bad boy’s finding a way into my recipe book, for sure.

{‘yoguitea’ and my book}


{and the gift that kept on giving}

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to pop into reality long enough to take three midterms tomorrow. Wish me luck! Sleepy-little-smile Besos.

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